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Physical Training
One of the most important aspects of refereeing, at any level of football, is physical fitness. 
Our physical training sessions take place on a Tuesday in the Borders area and Wednesday evening at our Edinburgh venue. 

The Oriam facility at Heriot Watt University hosts training in the Edinburgh area under the watchful eye of Jimmy Ramage. Training begins at 7pm on a Wednesday, with changing facilities available from 6.30pm.

Gala Academy, Galashiels, is the location of physical training for referees in the Borders, with Raymond Hume putting the members in attendance through their paces. Training commences at 6pm each Tuesday, with changing facilities available from 5.30pm. 

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Referee Fitness Test 

A fitness test, set by FIFA, and overseen by the Scottish FA is conducted three times over a year. 
The test is mandatory for all officials on the List of Referees. 
The test is conducted in two parts 
Part 1 - 6 x 40 metre sprints to be completed in the following times: 
6.2 seconds for Category 1, 2, 3 and their Development Categories 
6.0 seconds for Category 3 Specialist Assistant Referees and its Development Category  
Part 2 – Intermittent running of a minimum of 10 laps (400m track). Twenty 150 metre runs in 30 seconds, with the following 50 metres a recovery walk.
The recovery times are below: 
35 seconds for Categories 1, 1 Development, 2 and 2 Development referees;
40 seconds for Categories 3, 3 Development, 3 Specialist Assistant Referees, 3 Specialist Assistant Referee Development, 4 and 4 Development. 

YoYo Intermittent Recovery Test 
The YoYo intermittent recovery test is used as a method to measure your ability to perform repeated interval runs. 
The YoYo test is performed by using an audio track, and 3 markers – placed at 0 metres, 5 metres and 25 metres. 


By starting on, or behind, the 5 metres (B), the audio track will instruct the participant to begin running toward marker C. Reaching marker C, the participant will turn and return to the starting point at marker B. Two ‘beeps’ will be heard during this run, the first to indicate half of the running time, and the second indicating the participant must have returned to marker B. 
After reaching B, a recovery period begins where the participant has 10 seconds to walk, or jog, to marker A and be ready at marker B for the next 2 x 20 metre run. 
A participant unable to return to marker B within the allocated time shall receive a warning, and on the next time that is their test completed and final score recorded. 

Click here to Download an MP3 File of the Yoyo Intermittent Recovery Test